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Our Story

My very own dog SALLY inspired me to create this line for pets.  You see, she has a sensitive stomach. I have to be careful as to what diet and vitamins that I give her.  Since I will not give her a preventive that can be toxic to her system.  Since ther are so many dog lovers out there including myself, you may or not be aware that there are many chemicals that can harm your dog in the long-term.  One of them my be the tic/flea preventative called  FRONTLINE.  Okay so here is Sally's story...It is very short and Simple.  I gave her FRONTLINE (chew) after receiving it from the vet.  She had severe diarrhea for 1 week.  Of course, when I called my vet they denied to  admit that FRONTLINE may have been the cause. I looked up FRONTLINE on the internet and started doing research with other dog owners that use FRONTLINE. I started a whole bunch of case studies.  Some of research did indicate that giving FRONTLINE can cause severe diarrhea or vomiting on occasion.  Some of my dog friends have had similar experiences.  So, I development my own pest preventative.  It is called "Sally's Sweet Geranium oil.  Geranium oil is also used in the beauty industry for skin care and as a hair thickener.  It also prevents infestation of fleas and tics for your dog.  It is gentle and non-toxic.  Easy to use.  Just spray in your hand, smooth into dogies coat under collar,  hind quarters.  Works incredible well.  It won't kill tics or fleas if your dog already has them.

I use this as a super pest preventative.  Sally enjoys the massage she receives!  


I love my dog.  Sally is very smart, loving and caring. She protects and comforts me with licks of love. She deserve the best from me.   

Scented Tails is natural aromatherapy for your dog.  I am a NJ natural fragrance perfumer and have connected aromatherapy to the health of your pet (dogs)  Using simple essential oils topically, can help in digestion, anxiety, tic and flea prevention.

As our site grows, as well as your dog family, we will provide you with top prevention uses and video demos.  Have fun, live healthy, loving your dog(s)

Above: Sally in the garden
Above: Sally  & Thomas
Above: Sally's Freind "Scarlet"
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