Special Edition 

all 3 on the go Geranium, Peppermint & Lavender

only $18.00

Sally's Smart Tee "I love my Dog"

Handmade only 1 huge  hand painted heart " Size 2-4  childs Sm  tye-dye wash cold -separate.

Sally's Green Dog Lover

Handmade only 1 "Green Dog Lover" Size 2-4  childs Sm  tye-dye wash cold -separate.

Sally's Heart Tee 

Handmade - only 1  size 2-4 teen/adult Small.  Crafted by hand embellishments - recycled t-shirt tye-dye. Wash cold delicate.  some bleeding occur. Very soft! love this tee!

Sally's 2 Pack

Get the Best of our 2 Pack aromatherapy! Lavender Tails to Sooth & Geranium to repel Tic/fleas

Thompson Feed Company

Aromatherapy Uses

Pet Healh Insureance?

No problem!

Aroma of the Month

Peppermint  see Video !


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Keep away Tics & Fleas

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