What would Buddy DO?

October 6, 2016


What would Buddy say about refreshing up his bed??? 


When you wash your pets bed, did you notice that it starts to get smelly within just a few days...and who has the time to wash it  more than 1x a week?!?  There is an easier way to freshen up a pets bed.  Did you know you can simply hang it out on a line outside in sun for 1 hour.  The sun's UV Rays will kill off odor causing germs that linger on the fabric.


Here's the way Simple Sally would do it - She would take an odor causing pet bed  to the next level of "freshness" using these odor fighting essential oils


- First, wash bed in your washer. 

- spray Simple Sally's Pet Spray right in the bed. Give a couple of quirts, smooth and pat into the bed vigorously. 

- purchase, our Woodland Line of harvest scent sprays  or get Orange-U-Clean for a citrus scented bed!

** Make sure you use them on your Puppy**   The best way to keep the smelliness  away!









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