Sally Vs. Peppy Le Pew

A true Story! This is not fiction, 9:00PM Last night - Sally Takes a direct hit from a Skunk!

Calm & de- Stunk your dog. What all pet owners need to know.

3 things to expect when your dog gets a direct hit!

1. A lot of rubbing and rolling around to get the skunk oil off her coat.

2. Dog will shake in fear and pant uncontrollable.

3. Vomiting. Dog will sleep a lot due to trauma (normal

*** a direct it from a skunk is like nothing you have smelled in your life! Unbelievable, is is so strong...smell is like, gasoline, garlic, onion. Smell will linger for about 2 days in your home!***It is important to wash dog immediately.. !

I used Orange U Clean Shampoo. Scented Tail products will not harm your dog. Very gentle- we use essential oils that will de-stunk - most likely, you will have to give your dog another bath or bring to the groomer with shampoos and aromatherapy sprays.

What do do:


1 Keep Dog outside, immediately wash coat with spray hose and shampoo. Run the hose, over the dogs eyes, wash with water. Dog will naturally close their eyes. Let shampoo stay on coat 5 minutes if possible.

2. Rinse