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Sweaters In Need

I saw this article from Animals Resue site. I always wanted to know how to make my dog sweaters out of my old one that I don't wear.

From Your Closet To The Canines


Dressing your pug in a sweater is a fun way to express its personality, but for many pups in shelters, clothing is a necessity, particularly in the frigid winter months. Although most shelters have heaters, it can be a challenge to meet the needs of all its residents. With doggy doors leading to outside kennels, the cold air has a way of seeping in. Instead of hanging on to old sweaters only to collect mothballs, consider upcycling them to make a real difference in the life of an animal. Find out how to transform a human sweater into a cozy outfit for homeless pooches.

Collect the Supplies

Gather a large sweater, measuring tape, sewing machine, ruler, pin and scissors.

Replace the Sweater Arms with Armholes

Reverse the sweater inside out and detach the arms in a diagonal direction. Measure the distance around a dog’s arms at the body, adding 2 inches and then dividing by two. Lay the sweater flat to measure this distance from the armpit down. Place a pin there. Stitch from the collar to the pin. Hem the opening and sew to make armholes.

Cut and Sew

Mark the midsection of the sweater by folding it in half horizontally and placing a pin along the left and right vertical seams. Cut 2 inches from the seam up to the pin on both sides. Cut the top layer from side to side beginning at the 2-inch mark.

Finishing Touches

Cut from the collar to the open body, using the ruler as the edge.

Try It On

If you have a canine, try it on him. If not, let a friend’s dog wear the sweater so that you can make adjustments where needed.

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