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Massage 'n Groom

I thought this was a brush for pet grooming! Passing it on to all of you!

Most combs and brushes are good at removing hair, but are rough on a dog’s body. And of course, with a brush you have no sensation in your fingers, where you fight feel something abnormal on your dog’s body.

What if there was a product that made grooming as close to petting as possible. Of course I thought, all dogs like to be petted!

The grooming brush below was a result of this lightbulb moment. The silicone brushing tips are sturdy enough to grab loose hair, but soft enough to make the process enjoyable. By keeping each of the fingers independent like a glove, you’re better able to feel for lumps and bumps on your dog’s skin. (Of course we always recommend regular massages and inspections without the glove too)

Finally, cleanup is easy, as the rubbery surface keeps dog hair attached until you peel if off and discard. And like all of the products we sell on, a portion of the sale goes to provide healthy meals for shelter dogs!

Just add Sally's Scented Oils to the glove and you the ultimate spa day for your dog!

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